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    We succeed to develop dozens of new products every year,owning a number of national patents.One of our core technologies is intelligent fitness equipment,the intelligent fitness equipment can combine the Bluetooth,WiFi and some mobile App to achieve human-computer interaction,which means we can connect our users workout to our company cloud service platform.This cloud service platform will offer our users fitness plans,personal coaches and fitness reminders and other one to one service.In the future,we will pay more and more attention on fitness service to achieve the goods value adding and market developing.

    The bft Fitness design team conceptualizes and refines ideas skillfully and quickly.Aesthetic design doesn't stand on its own. It requires a framework of functionality. Every detail is considered in order to design gym equipment that is inviting to all users.Industrial design is based largely on how users interact with the product, and intended to make products both aesthetically pleasing and functional.Bluetooth compatibility connects exercisers to equipment for workout tracking, hands-free heart rate monitoring, and enhanced entertainment.Great design eloquently solves a problem with intelligence and simplicity. We mesh design with engineering and make sure they work together according to what users want or need.BFT Fitness bring the most innovative new products to life.

    BFT Fitness equipment interacts with popular fitness apps to provide exercisers with the connection they expect.

    We pay attention to every detail so that products work just as they've been designed. We make sure that every product carries the bft Fitness tradition of durability.

    The quality of our products begins with our people. We have an experienced and dedicated work force. Our goal is to have our expectations be higher than those of our customers

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    We offer the most complete fitness equipment in the world, from gym equipment design to Production and Wholesale.

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