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    BCT10 Commercial Electric Treadmills For Sale

    Model Number: BCT10

    The Best commercial treadmill for sale. Wholesale High hp treadmill and smart android treadmills. Professional fitness equipment manufacturers.

    fitness treadmill gym treadmill treadmill for commercial wholesale treadmill
    treadmill motor   ●Motor

    Korea inverter:3HP (2.2KW) AC, PK: 6HP

    ●Belt Belt

    3390×580×3.2 mm<

    Footrail   ●Upper footrail and side footrail

    Both upper footrail and side footrail are made of hardened PVC.

    TFT display screen 21.5" soft-touch resistive screen (optional)
    LED display screen 215" ; multi-window display
    Console upright Welded steel frame
    Lateral sliding rail Advanced configuration: Hardened high-strength PVC; Standard configuration: without lateral sliding rail.
    Sliding rail Hardened high-strength PVC (bicolor)
    Heart rate sensor chip Injection molded; never slips.
    Running belt 3.2T,Working temperature: -10℃~70℃
    Running board High-strength, 25T, max static load capacity: 600kg
    Inverter Made in Taiwan (standard configuration); Made in Korea (advanced configuration)
    Water bottle holder Personal belongings can be put here.
    Lubrication Standard configuration: manual lubrication system; Advanced configuration:Self-lubrication system controlled by Micro-PLC.
    Elevator motor
    Voltage: 220V~240V
    Speed: 1475r/min
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Output power: 60W
    Insulation: grade B
    Main motor
    Rated power: 3.0HP (2.2KW)
    Max power: 7.0HP (5.1KW)
    Transport wheel Yes

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